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The Treasurer reports directly to the Trotwood-Madison Board of Education. The Treasurer serves as the Chief Financial Officer responsible for the financial affairs of the school district which includes financial reporting, certification of resources, budgets and investments. The Treasurer also serves as the secretary to the board and works closely with the Superintendent on strategies to increase revenue and reduce expenditures.  The primary objective of the Treasurer’s department is to be fiscal stewards of taxpayer dollars keeping students best interest in mind. Our jobs are to provide financial credibility and accountability to our taxpayers, students, parents, and staff of the Trotwood-Madison City school district.  
Financial Forecast and Assumptions
Five Year Forecasts and Assumptions are required to be filed with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) pursuant to 5705.391 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) in May and October of each year.    It reflects three years of actual General Fund revenues and expenditures as well as a forecast of the present year and four additional fiscal years. This information is used by ODE and the Ohio Auditor of State (OAS) to identify schools which may be in fiscal jeopardy.  This forecast is a planning tool and will change periodically as updated information becomes available.

The State of Ohio requires an annual audit by either the Auditor of State or by an independent public accounting firm.  The auditor’s unqualified opinion rendered on the District’s basic financial statements is included in the financial section of the CAFR. 

Ohio Checkbook 
The Ohio Checkbook is a site designed to help you understand more about the operations and performance of Trotwood-Madison City Schools.

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Janice Allen
Janice Allen
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1137
Kim Tidd
Kim Tidd
Administrative Assistant/Benefits
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1128
Jennifer Mason
Jennifer Mason
EMIS Clerk
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1131
Allegra Riley
Allegra Riley
Financial Analyst
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1133
Duana Scott
Duana Scott
Payroll Specialist
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1129
Anita Skipper
Accounts Payable Specialist
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1135
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