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About Transportation

The Transportation Department transports an estimated 2.868 students per day on 34 buses to 6 schools.  Our workforce is made up of 27 drivers, 8 aides, 2 mechanics, 3 van drivers an assistant supervisor, and a supervisor.  This department maintains and services the buses, 13 other vehicles, and the large mowers that are used at all the schools.  They travel an estimated 300,000 miles per year in all kinds of weather while doing their best to ensure the children’s safety as their first concern.

The first routes leave at 6:30 am and the last routes get back to the Transportation garage at 6:00 pm, excluding field trips.  They travel all kinds of roads, from 8-foot country roads to highways.  In most cases, they are the first Trotwood-Madison employee the students see each day and the last.

They also provide transportation to over 450 extracurricular events and field trips per year for a total of 50,000 miles.

Bus Safety Tip & "Good Rider" Rules

Many of our students ride a school bus daily. All students have an opportunity to ride when field trips are taken. It is important that all students understand the rules of the school bus. 
They are expected to demonstrate the following " Good Rider" rules.
1.Be prompt at the bus stop and standoff of the road.
2.Wait until the driver signals to enter the bus.
3.Upon entering the bus, use handrails to climb the steps and then take a seat promptly.
4.Remain seated while the bus is moving.
5.Do not litter.
6.Do not chew gum, eat, or drink while on the bus.
7.Maintain complete silence while the bus is proceeding across any railroad crossing.
8.Exit the bus promptly at the assigned stop and move a safe distance away from the bus.
9.Maintain eye contact with the driver when crossing the street in front of the bus and always move ten (10) feet in front of the bus when the driver signals it is safe to cross.
10.Students may ride only their assigned bus.
1.Keep all body parts inside the bus at all times.
2.Do not throw any objects inside of the bus or out of the windows.
3.Keep aisles free for easy passage.
1.Do not smoke on the bus.
1.Do not drink alcoholic beverages or use drugs on the bus.
2.Never open emergency doors unless directed to do so by the driver.

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Contact Information

Alicia Starks
Alicia Starks
Supervisor of Transportation
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1188
Gwen Gresham
Gwen Gresham
Assistant Supervisor of Transportation
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1189
Brandy Kerley
Secretary, Transportation

Safety Tips!

When going to school:
1.Get to the bus stop on time.  Always walk.  Never run.
2.Stand back from the road.  Wait quietly in a safe place until the bus comes to a complete stop.
3.Hold the handrail while going up the stairs.
4. Listen and pay attention to the driver’s instructions.
5. Go directly to a seat.  Make sure your seat belt is securely on.
6. Speak quietly while riding to school.  Don’t distract the driver unnecessarily.
7.Stay seated while traveling.  Keep the bus aisle clear.
8.Always be respectful to others.
When going home:
1. Hold on to the railing going down the stairs.
2Step several feet away from the bus after getting off.
3If crossing the street, walk 10 feet ahead of the bus and look for the bus driver's universal signal indicating is safe to cross.
4Be alert.  Always listen for the bus driver's horn (which signals danger).  Should it be heard, immediately stop crossing the street and return to the curb.
5.Stay away from the danger zones that surround the bus.  Don't pick up dropped items, or crawl under the bus, since the driver may not be able to see you.