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Department of Maintenance, Buildings, and Grounds

Maintenance, Buildings,& Grounds

About US!
Our Department is responsible for the care and condition of the district. The Buildings and Grounds Supervisor and a team consisting of 1 Maintenance Foreman, 4 Maintenance Workers, 2 Grounds Keeper, 5 Head Custodians, 18 full-time Custodians, and 2 Seasonal Grounds Keepers maintain over 575,000 square feet of building space and over 220 acres of grounds that include 2 Stadiums. We also take care of snow removal, set up for sporting events, and other building activities with 90% of all repairs being made in-house. Our Maintenance crew and Custodial staff possess over 40 years of commercial construction and building maintenance experience. 
Did you know?
Our Custodians and Maintenance crew possess a genuine concern for the safety and wellbeing of our Staff and Students. They feel that a clean comfortable environment is their contribution to the learning process in the Trotwood-Madison City Schools District.
Handyman Tips:
  • Remember that left is loose and the right is tight.
  • The sandpaper will last longer and work better if the paper backing is dampened slightly before wrapping around a block of wood.  

Do it yourself or Handyman Websites:


Contact Information

Scott Mayes
Scott Mayes
Supervisor of Buildings, Grounds, & Maintenance
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1213