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Transportation Registration

Transportation Registration Form

In order to utilize school bus transportation, the following regulations apply:
1. The child/children must be eligible for bus transportation.
(Definition: The student's residence to school must be at least 1.5 miles for grades K- 12)
2. The bus assignment is for every day of the week, every week of the school year. Requests will not be
honored for partial weeks or every other week.
3. Bus assignments are determined by the student's primary address and the student will be transported
to/from this location.
4. Requests for transportation to/from an alternate address requires approval by the Transportation
Department and must meet the following criteria:
(a) The child/children must be eligible bus riders.
(b) An open seat must exist on the alternate bus and a new stop is not required.
(c) The alternate address must be located within the school boundaries and at an address
which meets eligibility for busing.
* Please notify the Transportation Department of any changes to transportation needs.
All school rules and regulations apply to a school bus or van as well. To ensure student safety, students must
obey the bus driver, while under his/her supervision. The driver is authorized to assign seats to students on
the bus and the driver must report, in writing, all violations of safety regulations or conduct rules to the school
principal or designee. Please consult the respective school's Student Handbook for specific actions, that may
be taken. Parents/Guardians and students should be aware that video and audiotapes are recording on buses
at all times and may be used against them.
Questions or concerns, please contact:
Ms. Tia Rodgers, Transportation Secretary, 937-854-3050, ext. 1190 or
Ms. Gwen Gresham, Asst. Transportation Supervisor, 937-854-3050, ext. 1189
Ms. Alicia Stark , Transportation Supervisor, 937-854-3050, ext. 1188

*Once download save to phone or computer and email back to [email protected].

Parents will be notified by mail of your child new bus route.