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Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction

The mission of Trotwood-Madison City Schools is 100% student success. The combination of Highly Qualified teachers and district created teacher tools and supports leads to students' successful mastery of the new rigorous Common Core State Standards and leads to graduates prepared for college and careers post high school. The use of current best practices to equip teachers through job embedded professional development focusing on using formative assessment data to guide instructional decisions is a district initiative. For those students who are struggling, the district follows the three tiered model from the Ohio Department of Education to provide intervention supports at the needed level of intensity.
The Trotwood-Madison Curriculum and Instruction Department... 
  • oversees the selection of textbooks and instructional resources that support teaching the New Learning Standards PreK-12
  • identifies and recommends instructional improvements
  • structures the district’s instructional intervention program
  • arranges summer school services
  • provides staff development
  • reviews instructional practices in district classrooms
  • coordinates the local and state assessment program
  • monitors implementation of the district’s Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP)
  • facilitates the school improvement process with buildings
  • administers all federal programs
  • participates with community-based grant partners to deliver additional support services to students
  • administers and supervises the following programs:
    • School Psychological Services
    • Speech, Language and Hearing Services
    • Special Education Programs and Services

Contact Information

Nathan Warner
Nathan Warner
Associate Superintendent of Academics
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1106
Marni Faris
Marni Faris
Coordinator of Educational Technology
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1121
Jill Adams
Grants Coordinator
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1111
Christina White
Elementary Curriculum Coordinator (PK-5)
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1114
Leah Vlahos
Secondary Curriculum Coordinator (6-12)
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1165
Lyndie Conner
District Lead Counselor
Office: 937-854-0878 x 2032