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Computer Helpdesk

Helpdesk Team

For assistance with technology issues including Google Classroom, please email the Media Specialist for your child’s school.  They are happy to help you.
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Computer HelpDesk (ELC)

Ms. Stokes

[email protected] 

          937-854-3050 x. 4124


Mr. Vichich

Computer HelpDesk (Madison Park)

Mr. Vichich

[email protected]

        937-854-3050 x. 5104


Mrs. Henderson
Computer HelpDesk (Westbrooke)

Mrs. Henderson

[email protected]

 937-854-3050 x. 6402

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Computer HelpDesk (Middle School)

Ms. Gutshall

[email protected] 

        937-854-3050 x. 3414

Computer HelpDesk (HS)

Ms. Dovel

[email protected] 

         937-854-3050 x. 2018

Set Up Your Computer

How To Set Up A Hot Spot

Using Online Learning

Using Google Classroom

How To Login to Clever

Important Announcements

iReady will not work on Android Tablets, Kindle Fires, and Smartphones
iReady will work on Laptop computers (Windows and Mac), Desktop computers, Chromebooks, and iPads v. 4 or better