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Free Internet and Tablet

Dear Families:

Please check out this opportunity to get free internet for your home and a free tablet for your student!  There is absolutely no cost and all you have to do is fill out the application below and if you are approved the device will be sent  to you via the building your student attends.  The tablet and internet are yours, free no strings attached. Our district qualifies for this opportunity through a Federal program via our Free and Reduced lunch status.

 Here is how its done:

Click on the link: 

Click "Click to Enroll" in the upper left hand corner.

Identify the Trotwood-Madison School that your student attends for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year through the drop down menu.

Select the qualifying status for your student.  Our district qualifies under Free and Reduced lunch.  You may qualify for another device under another designation  but initially free and reduced is the status for Trotwood-Madison City Schools that allows you to apply for internet and 1 free device.

Enter your information on the next screen and your students' info at the bottom of the screen and click submit.  That's it!!

If approved, the device will be delivered to the school you selected in the district in a few weeks, through verification of your qualifying status with the program and your child's enrollment in Trotwood-Madison City Schools.

***Please note, the school district is only sharing this information and will serve as the delivery point for the device.  We have no role or say in the application process  and when the device arrives(which we have been told around the first week of school, 3 to 4 weeks). 

Trotwood-Madison City Schools will also  not have any management responsibilities for the internet service or the device.  All of this will be done through the company providing the service and the device.  If you have any questions about the process please direct them to the company. Their contact information is on the website.  This is information we are sharing, along with agreeing to be a drop-off site for the devices.  

We truly hope this opportunity helps secure some additional resources for your student here in Trotwood-Madison City Schools!  Thanks and Go Rams! 

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