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School Board

Photo of Adrienne Heard, School Board President Photo of Deborah Daniel, School Board Vice President
Adrienne L. Heard, president Deborah Daniel, vice president
Photo of Vanessa Jeter-Freeman, School Board Member Photo of Denise Moore, School Board Member
Vanessa Jeter-Freeman Denise E. Moore
Picture of Myra Bozeman, School Board Member.
Myra Bozeman
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Board Meetings 2016-2017
Board Meetings 2017-2018

Belief Statement

WE BELIEVE that learning is a lifelong process.

WE BELIEVE that each individual is unique.

WE BELIEVE that all people are capable of achieving success

WE BELIEVE that there is strength in diversity.

WE BELIEVE that all people have value.

WE BELIEVE that involvement is essential for a community to be successful.

Trotwood-Madison School Board Policy

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Trotwood-Madison School Board Policy.
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Our Mission is 100% Student Success!