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Safe School Helpline

What is the help line and how does it work?

  • This program is designed so that students, parents, staff, and community can report threats of violence, suicide, and illegal activity that could harm children in our school. 
  • The program allows communication on issues that would have previously gone unreported, resulting in the reduction of wrongdoing and school abuse. 
  • Communication is private, confidential, and anonymous because the service is being provided through an independent company with no ties to the District. 
  • A toll-free number has been assigned to Trotwood-Madison.  Once the call is made, you will be advised how to leave your information. 
  • Each caller is assigned and given a specific case number.  
  • A report can also be made by internet at:
Proceed to the Stay Safe, Speak Up! website
  • Examples of harmful or threatening behavior might include: 
  • Any facts, remarks, or actions that could jeopardize the safety of our children, staff, or school should be reported. 
o    bullying 
o    violence 
o    theft 
o    drug or alcohol abuse 
o    talk of suicide 
o    sexual harassment 
o    weapons
  • Once the call has been made, a typed copy of your message, without your identifying information, will be sent to the school. 
  • The School will investigate the report and determine how best to act on it. 
  • After three days (3), the caller can find the action that was taken by calling the toll-free number and entering the case number when prompted. 
To make a report click the button below:

Proceed to the Stay Safe, Speak Up! website