Trotwood-Madison City Schools  Trotwood, Ohio
  Photo of Trotwood-Madison School buildings  

STEM Eductaion in Trotwood

Trotwood Teachers Using STEM Practices

Teachers in Trotwood-Madison are using a variety of STEM practices in their instruction.  These methods promote the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  The following techniqus and approaches are currently being used.

Interdisciplinary education
  • Integration of math and science

  • Integration of social studies and language arts


Science Fair
Collaborative work with teacher and students  
Conduction of research  
Didactic questioning  
Evaluation of solutions for authentic problems  
Exposure to engineering concepts  
Hypothetical thinking  
Inquiry lessons  
Integrative thinking ranging from simple to complex  
Open-ended questioning  
Learning across content areas  
Problem-solving and problem-posing  
Project-based learning  
Real life application to problem solution  
Scientific inquiry/discovery through lab work  
Solve complex problems  
Student product and presentation  


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