Trotwood-Madison City Schools  Trotwood, Ohio
  Trotwood-Madison City Schools  

Trotwood Quality Profile Report

  • Awarded two 21st Century Grants for Before/After School Academic Supports

  • Partnering with Area Role Models for a Boys to Men Mentoring Group

  • Focusing on Achieving the Standard versus Growth Towards the Standard

  • Athletic Teams Support and Participation in Community Service Projects

  • High School Football Team with Average GPA of 3.0

  • Participated in the Office of Naval Research's SeaPerch Program for Remotely Operated Vehicles

  • Infused Additional Programming to Meet the Needs of High Achievers

  • Provide Daily Reading Intervention Support for Struggling K-4 Readers

  • Provide Targeted Support for High Need Students

  • 1:1 electronic devices are being used during instruction in grades 2-12

  • Provide Instruction in Digital Literacy to support a need-to-know skill in future workforce endeavors.

  • Over six million dollars in scholarship offerings for the Class of 2017.

  • Middle and high school students actively participate in regional arts opportunities via Muse Machine programming.

  • Expanded opportunities for students to experience the arts, both in school and after school

  • Middle School choir performed at two Ohio School Board Association events, demonstrating their exceptional talent.

  • Partnering with external entities like Learn to Earn Dayton and Wright State University to support staff learning of culturally competent practices and engagement strategies

  • 100% of the students in one of our classrooms passed all state assessments for the grade level

  • There was over a 20% increase in the number of students passing an AP exam

  • 21 graduates earned an Honors Diploma

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