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Most of the Administrative offices are located in the Central Office Building.

Administrators and Departments
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Administrator Phone Number Department
Tyrone Olverson 937-854-3050 ext. 1100 Superintendent of Schools
Janice Allen 937-854-3050 ext. 1131 Treasurer
Lisa Minor 937-854-3050 ext. 1165 Director, Curriculum & Instruction
Mary Martin 937-854-3050 ext. 1123 Director, Human Resources
Tyrone Nadir 937-854-3050 ext. 1119 Director, Pupil Services
Marlon Howard 937-854-3050 ext. 1146 Director, Operations & Community Relations
Sherry Boyd 937-854-3050 ext. 1111 Curriculum Coordinator
Dawana Coleman 937-854-3050 ext. 1110 Curriculum Coordinator
Kiara Williams 937-854-3050 ext. 1114 Curriculum Coordinator
Ella Jordan-Isaac 937-854-3050 ext. 1181 Parent Engagement Specialist
Eddie Sample 937-854-3050 ext. 1104 Supervisor of Special Education
Marietta Harris 937-854-3050 ext. 1152 Supervisor of Special Education
James Freeman 937-854-3050 ext. 1207 Coordinator of Technology

Marni Faris

937-854-3050 ext. 1121

Administrator of Technology & EMIS

Scott Mayes 937-854-3050 ext.  1213 Supervisor of Buildings, Grounds & Maintenance
James Putman 937-854-3050 ext. 1120 Supervisor of Nutrition Services
Alicia Starks 937-854-3050 ext. 1188 Supervisor of Transportation

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Photo of Trotwood-Madison School Board Offices

Central Office

3594 N. Snyder Rd. Trotwood, OH 45426

Phone: 937-854-3050 ext. 1002

Fax: 937-854-3057

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday