Trotwood-Madison City Schools  Trotwood, Ohio
  Trotwood-Madison City Schools  

District Map

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Click here for driving directions to Trotwood-Madison School buildings

Map of Trotwood, Ohio.  For text driving directions look below the picture or go to Google Maps.

Driving Directions

From the East or West

Take I-70 to the Hoke Rd/OH-49 S Exit 26 to Trotwood

Take OH-49 S to Union Rd

Turn Right on Union Rd

Turn Right at Westbrooke Rd

Turn Left at Union Rd.

Continue on Union Rd to the High School, Early Learning Center, and Middle School

Union Road becomes Broadway Street in Trotwood

Continue on Broadway to Madison Park Elementary

Continue on Broadway to Main Street

Turn Right on Main Street

Continue on Main St to N. Snyder Rd

Turn Right on N. Snyder Rd

Continue N. Snyder Rd to the Board of Education Office



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